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Crane Services in Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina

All Pro Tree & Crane, centrally located in Zirconia, North Carolina, operates the leading industry line-up of cranes and bucket trucks. This is an advantage for you because we offer all the equipment you could possibly need for your tree removal. No outsourcing required.

It also expands our service offerings, allowing us to provide clients and businesses with  modular home setting expertise.

Crane Services

Why We Offer Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

There are times we receive some strange looks when we bring in a heavy-hitting crane for a tree removal. Some have said we’re quick to bring in big equipment. But, at All Pro Tree & Crane, we know:

Removing Trees with a Crane is [hands down] the Best Way to Do It!

Traditional tree removals are extremely time consuming and labor intensive. With tree felling, the removal team will need to utilize complex rigging systems to avoid damaging your landscape. However, these systems (typically) still have inferior results when avoiding obstacles, and take twice as long as a crane removal.

At All Pro Tree & Crane, we understand your time is valuable. We also understand the importance of keeping your property in pristine condition. That’s why we offer crane removal services. We don’t rent heavy duty equipment. Instead, we own our crane, and employ full-time, certified crane operators.

Curious to know what a tree removal process including a crane looks like? Let’s walk you through it.

Setting Your Modular Home with a Crane

You’ve done it! You’ve fully designed your home, you’ve planned for every last detail, the earth-moving crew has readied your property, and you’ve finally received word your home is ready for site-delivery! 

At All Pro Tree & Crane, we are experts and employ certified crane operators to perfectly set your modular or manufactured home.

If you’re looking for a modular setting professional you can trust, reach out to our team to further discuss your project.