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Overgrown Trees: The Risk and the Cure

Trimming and Pruning trees in Henderson County and Buncombe County,NC
All Pro Tree & Crane
All Pro Tree & Crane

Summer’s here and your trees are shining in all their viridescent glory. But, what does all this luscious green growth mean for you and your property? That depends on some tree care variables. For example: Are your tree’s limbs weighed down due to excessive growth?

While it’s not ideal to trim or prune trees in the summer months, if your overgrown trees pose a risk to you (or a nearby structure), you may not have a choice.

At ALL PRO TREE & CRANE, INC. we can thoroughly analyze your tree(s) with a qualified risk assessment; to help you make the best possible decision in mitigating any potential damage.

When is it appropriate to prune trees in summer?

For the greater Hendersonville area, we recommend the following:

  • Is your tree a fruit tree? If so, trimming or pruning in the summer months will not damage your tree. However, it could potentially bear less fruit for up to two years following a warm-weather pruning.
  • Does your tree have weak or broken branches? Then your tree needs immediate servicing, regardless of what time of year it is. Dangling branches are an immediate risk to anyone or anything nearby.
  • Can you spot dead limbs (otherwise known as deadwood) in your tree? If so, your tree poses an immediate risk. It only takes one gust of wind to knock deadwood onto a person or nearby structure, so isn’t it better to be “safe than sorry,” as they say?
  • Is the tree in question a maple, walnut, or birch tree? If yes, then it can be safely trimmed or pruned without any potential damage to the tree. Although, as a sappy hardwood, it will produce an oozy sap in summer months which could attract pests and/or look unsightly.
  • Is your tree seriously overgrown? Then trimming in the summer months may reduce its growth in the coming year. In some cases, this may actually be a best-case scenario. If so, All Pro Tree & Crane can help.

Are you ready for ALL PRO TREE & CRANE, INC. to reduce your risk involving overgrown trees? Give us a call, today at (828) 674-7336, for premier, 24-hour tree service.

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