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The Tree Surgeon’s Toolbox

Tree Surgeon's Toolbox
All Pro Tree & Crane
All Pro Tree & Crane

A tree surgeon’s toolbox contains everything he/she needs to do his/her job effectively, but the experienced tree surgeon is going to stand out in the line of duty. An experienced tree surgeon knows that safety must never be compromised! Keep reading to learn what tools are essential to be successful in the tree services industry.

Tree surgeons, oftentimes called tree doctors, use many different types of equipment to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. They need to know how to operate these machines properly, so that they can complete their tasks, without causing damage to themselves or others.

Tree Surgeon Tools

There are three main categories of tools used by tree surgeons:


This includes things like chainsaws, saw blades, crushers, loppers, bucket trucks, log loaders, wood chippers, grapples, and yes, EVEN CRANES.

Here at All Pro Tree and Crane, we pride ourselves on employing full-time crane operators. This is a big deal to us, because oftentimes companies contract out for crane rentals and operators. These operators are sometimes untrained in properly lifting out large chunks of the tree. At All Pro, we recognize inexperience as a liability, and pride ourselves in our crane removal expertise. Not to mention, when subcontractors are hired out, who do you think eats the cost for that? (Hint: it isn’t the tree company!)

With us, clients do not have to accrue extra charges. We are fully able to handle the job in-house. While this is a cost savings—it’s most importantly, safer for you, your property, and our employees. That’s obviously a win/win, all-around!  

The right tools make the job easier and safer. If a hired tree company doesn’t have the right tools (or even cheaper ones), they may not be able to complete the task at hand. Most commonly, when not using the right heavy-duty equipment, the team will leave your property in disarray. At All Pro, we take pride in leaving your property in pristine condition. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be able to tell we were ever there at all.

Safety Gear

This includes protective clothing, rigging, helmets, gloves, goggles, boots, and more. Oftentimes, folks will claim to follow safety guidelines- and while it is easy to talk the talk, they are not actually walking the walk. Unfortunately, accidents happen that could have been avoided, had safety been a true priority and focus. In fact, there are approximately 200 tree-worker fatalities each year across the States, according to the U.S. Bureau Labor of Statistics.

At All Pro Tree & Crane, we take safety very seriously. There are lives on the line every day in the tree specialists industry, and we make certain our team stays safe on every jobsite. We all acknowledge this importance here at All Pro Tree and Crane. It is looking out for the best interests of our team, and also the clients who help make this dream a reality for us every day. 


This includes training courses, books, and online tutorials. In today’s time, the industry is constantly advancing. We stay on top of our certifications and training, because we realize the significance of keeping up with the times in the industrial world. There is no such thing as “knowing too much.”

Tree Service Knowledge

So, you have this person in mind with a great chainsaw, and the stated ability to cut your trees down. He/she has operational knowledge of the chainsaw, and they seem physically sound to handle the job. However, do they have true knowledge of felling trees? 

A sound tree care professional will stand apart from the crowd. Here at All Pro Tree and Crane, we are trained and equipped to provide proper tree care and safe removal, to best protect your home, person, and property.

“Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns.” –North Carolina Forestry Service (
At All Pro, we’ll never just show up and chop down trees. We consider many factors, and provide a Tree Risk evaluation to our clients. We’ll never push for a tree removal that isn’t necessary or validated.

Tree Service Experience

You may have heard the phrase “with age comes experience”, and well, it’s true. With nearly four decades of involvement in this line of duty, you can see why we always say this is NOT our first rodeo! 

Experience matters when it comes to heavy duty equipment, heights, felling trees, complex removals, and fallen tree damage. It matters immensely!

Are you about to hire someone who just started up a business and has not had a lot of field hours with this type of work? Has he/she been educated on what makes a tree unhealthy? Does he/she know how to maintain the trees on your property regularly? Is he/she a Certified Crane Operator with a record of accomplished projects? Is he/she insured and/or bonded to cover damages, in case the worst case scenario actually happens?

No good thing happens overnight, and when it comes to dirty jobs and heavy-lifting there is no room for a rookie company here. It could lead to a bigger mess than the one you already have! 

Yes, we take pride in our experience in the field, but also in our ever-evolving knowledge of tree services, and ownership of quality equipment to best serve our clients.

Are you in need of an accomplished tree company? 

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