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Tree Services in Henderson County, North Carolina

Tree Services

We eat, sleep & breathe trees. We offer a wide variety of tree management services to keep your trees healthy and thriving. From trimming to clean-up, we handle every aspect of tree servicing. There's no tree too big, and no job too small for our Pro Team. Keep scrolling to see everything All Pro Tree & Crane has to offer...

What We Do

Trimming & Pruning

Don't keep putting off the trimming your trees need. All Pro is here to enhance your curb appeal and promote healthy tree growth.

Stump Grinding

Don't ruin your yard trying to remove that stump. We can seamlessly shave the stump below the surface with our stump grinding service.

Risk Assessments

Let our ISA Certified Arborists provide your Tree Risk Assessment to determine next steps on your unhealthy and/or diseased tree(s).

Tree Removal

Let All Pro remove hazardous trees from your property. With modernized equipment, we can safely remove trees of any size.

Brush Removal

Clearing and managing your overgrown lot takes heavy-duty equipment. At All Pro, we're ready for that.

Crane Services

We have one of the largest cranes in WNC. No matter how big your project, we have what it takes to complete the work in-house, from start to finish.

What Clients Say

The work done by All Pro is outstanding and extremely thorough. From start to finish the work was expertly done without any problems or collateral damage to plants or to the house. We had a mature tree removed from our front yard where there was risk to the house and to adjacent trees and shrubs. All Pro took care to make the the whole process was done correctly and precisely. We've had other companies do jobs for us, but All Pro does a better job at fair and reasonable prices.
Yelp Review of All Pro Tree and Crane Team cleaning up after tree removal - 5 star review
All Pro Tree & Crane
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