Tree Removal

All Pro Tree and Crane Employee-submitted photo of large tree removal in WNC

There is no tree too big for All Pro Tree and Crane.

We have dealt with some real doozies in our 30+ years of tree removal history. That’s why we come fully equipped with top-of-the-line, modernized equipment to keep our tree removal services efficient and safe. We’ve “been there, done that,” so you don’t have to become an amateur arborist. 

Don’t wait until your tree has fallen to call us for a removal. Some signs that may indicate your tree should be removed are:

  1. Decay or Discoloration
  2. Broken Limbs
  3. Rot and/or Black Holes
  4. Insect Infestation

Hazardous or Complex Tree Removals

Do you have a tree that’s dangerously close to your home? A diseased tree alongside a neighbor’s fence? Now isn’t the time to give Amateur Tree Removal a try. Let All Pro Tree and Crane alleviate your liability issues with our expert crane operators and Certified Tree Workers. 

Leave dangerous and/or difficult pruning to the Pros. All Pro Tree is here to return those distinctive trees and shrubs to their stately appearance. With all updated safety equipment, All Pro will take the stress out of re-shaping your plants. 

Tree Services in Henderson County, North Carolina

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