Tree Risk Assessment & Tree Risk Management in WNC

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Unsure of what your trees need?

All Pro Tree and Crane has seen it all. We will send a licensed arborist to your property for a thorough tree risk assessment. Our tree workers are educated and experienced in diagnosing tree issues of all kinds.

Have nearby trees fallen over or died? Are there splits in the trunk where branches are attached? Have the trees prematurely developed an unusual color or size?

You won’t know everything to look for in a potentially unhealthy tree. That’s why All Pro Tree & Crane is here. We will provide expert Tree Risk Analysis for you. Our goal is to provide you with all the right information for your own educated decision. And while we are happy to give you our recommendation, we will never push for a tree removal that isn’t validated.

Want proof? Check out our A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

What is a Tree Risk Assessment?

A tree risk assessment is a visual diagnosis of a tree’s health. This should be done by a certified arborist. Assessments are completed to determine the likelihood of future failure of the tree, as well as consequences of such potential failure.

Does the tree pose an immediate thread to persons or property?

If the answer is yes, it becomes vital to identify what the threat may be and/or if the tree can be repaired, if there are mitigating options, or if the tree should be removed. When analyzing a tree, we’ll determine its viability by pulling the following data:

What does the profile of the tree’s species tell us? For example: does the species typically grow shallow roots, or is it prone to a specific disease?
• What is the history of the tree? Does the tree have a history of pest invasion? Has the tree been predominately healthy?
Does the tree seem healthy? Visually, All Pro Tree & Crane will determine elements such as the canopy’s density, proper leaf coloring, and bark’s condition.
Crown Health: Is there an apparent crown die-back? Or, in layman’s terms, can you see the tree dying from the top, down? If so, there are usually treatment options.
Consequence of Tree Failure: While it’s important to determine the tree’s health, it’s most important to outline any potential targets within the tree’s reach in the event of failure. In a worst case scenario, the tree may threaten a structure, home, or bodily injury.

Tree Risk Management is something we take very seriously.

At All Pro Tree & Crane, our job is to protect you and your property. Call for an evaluation, today.

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