Have Shrubs Overrun Your Yard?

Have Shrubs Overrun Your Yard?

Call on us for underbrush removal in Hendersonville, Arden or Asheville, NC

Is your yard overgrown with shrubbery, seedlings and weeds? If you live in the Arden, Asheville or Hendersonville, North Carolina area, underbrush removal is just a phone call away. All Pro Tree & Crane, Inc. has the professional equipment needed to handle underbrush clearing and mulch creation.

Trust the landscaping company that's been serving clients in Henderson and Buncombe counties for over 30 years.

Give your trees some breathing room

Why is underbrush removal so important to a healthy landscape? Unchecked underbrush can...

  • Hurt tree growth by stealing nutrients from your tree's root system
  • Encourage rodents and snakes to take up residence in your yard
  • Give your landscape a disheveled, unkempt look
The good news is that you can put all that pesky plant growth to good use. By combining underbrush removal and mulching, All Pro Tree & Crane can turn recycle unwanted brush into needed mulch.

Underbrush removal and mulching services are available in the Hendersonville, Arden and Asheville, NC area. Call 828-674-7336 right away to arrange for underbrush removal at your home or office.