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Why Is a Crane Important in Tree Care?

Crane leveling for a tree removal in Hendersonville, North Carolina
All Pro Tree & Crane
All Pro Tree & Crane

There are times we receive some strange looks when we bring in a heavy-hitting crane for a tree removal. Some have said we’re quick to bring in big equipment. But, at All Pro Tree & Crane, we know:

Removing Trees with a Crane is [hands down] the Best Way to Do It!

Traditional tree removals are extremely time consuming and labor intensive. With tree felling, the removal team will need to utilize complex rigging systems to avoid damaging your landscape. However, these systems (typically) still have inferior results when avoiding obstacles, and take twice as long as a crane removal.

At All Pro Tree & Crane, we understand your time is valuable. We also understand the importance of keeping your property in pristine condition. That’s why we offer crane removal services. We don’t rent heavy duty equipment. Instead, we own our crane, and employ full-time, certified crane operators.

Curious to know what a tree removal process including a crane looks like? Let’s walk you through it.

Step 1: Plan of Action

A climber/removal crew determining the best plan of action for removal.

Many factors will be taken into consideration here: Elevation, grade changes, overhead obstacles, distance from the landing, and the crane’s necessary travel path.

Step 2: Crane Work Zone Set-Up

Setting up the Crane for a Tree Removal

Once the crane is moved into the work zone, it needs to be leveled. There are outriggers and stabilizers on the crane that elevate and support the crane during operation. This ensures the stability of the operation, and is typically the most time consuming portion of the removal job.

Step 3: The Climb and Cut

Tree Services, Tree Removal Services in Henderson County, North Carolina
Climber Cutting the Tree for Piece-by-Piece Removal

Each tree is unique and requires consideration prior to climbing and cutting. The removal crew work together as a synchronous unit, formulating the strategy for reach cut and lift. Having a credentialed arborist and certified crane operator on-site, create an educated and accurate estimation of unknowns such as log weight and potential outcomes, to keep our climbers safe. Rigging methods will be implemented during this time.

Step 4: The Lift

Crane Removing the Cut Portion of the Tree

Now the removal is implemented. With the help of the crane, the pieces of the tree are safely lifted to avoid powerlines, property, and landscaping. This is done with a skilled and experienced crane operator, who understands the correct amount of force needed for proper extraction to the drop zone.

Step 5: Ground Team Operations

The All Pro Ground Crew operating the Boom During Clean-Up

Our heavy-hitting equipment doesn’t stop with our crane. Our ground crew utilizes a boom when needed, and commercial-rated chainsaws to dismantle the tree like a swarm of termites. Within a fraction of the time it would take a ground-only crew, your tree is removed, and your property is clean.

The All Pro Team Chipping Brush

At the end of the day, you will want to call someone who has big equipment available. You’ll want an experienced tree removal team, paired with a veteran crane operator, keeping your property safe and immaculate. Get your tree job done in a fraction of the time.

Call All Pro Tree & Crane today.

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