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Winter is Best for Tree Services in WNC

Tree Trimming and Pruning Services in Western North Carolina
All Pro Tree & Crane
All Pro Tree & Crane

Can you believe winter months are just around the corner? That’s right – it’s nearly 2022! But why is this important for tree health? Did you know winter is the perfect time to prune your trees and shrubs? Maintaining your trees while they are dormant only enhances their luscious greenery come spring. As professional arborists and tree workers, our priority is caring for your trees. At All Pro Tree & Crane, we cultivate your tree’s health and promote your trees’ future growth and fullness.

Why is Winter the Best Time for Tree Services such as Pruning or Trimming Trees?

Bare Branches Make Your Tree Structure More Visible

Visibility is everything in both simplicity and efficiency. During the winter months, our tree experts can easily see, diagnose, and correct the health and safety of your tree. Do you feel unsure in knowing if your tree needs to be pruned? Winter is the perfect time for an evaluation, as optimal visibility means All Pro can easily tell whether a tree needs a thorough trimming or pruning.

Your Tree Company May Be More Efficient in Winter Months

Cold weather means a frozen ground. As long as your property isn’t saturated with moisture, and the temperature hasn’t been unseasonably warm, colder weather provides a lot of benefits. Frozen ground means our tree workers can move around heavy equipment without as much preparation to prevent landscape damage. It usually means All Pro can safely gain proximity to the pruned tree and be more effective in cleanup following completion of the task.

Cooler Months Create Less Stress for Your Trees

When your tree is pruned, it naturally begins to stimulate new growth to close the cut. If your tree is trimmed or pruned in spring, it begins to sprout new greenery, before it’s taken the time to properly heal. When All Pro & Tree prunes your trees in winter, the tree spends more time in a dormant, healing state before budding and sprouting new growth in the spring. This creates less stress for your tree – meaning it will acclimate more effectively.

Improve the Safety of Your Tree During Dangerous Winter Weather

The dead limbs in your tree create a serious safety risk when snow and ice begin to accumulate. The additional water weight immediately compromises the tree’s structure and can create a much larger issue than a simple dead limb. For example, the dead tree limb and additional weight can cause a seemingly healthy tree to crack altogether. Not to mention the potential danger to your property and structures on-site.

While these are four excellent reasons to opt for winter-time tree pruning and trimming, what happens if your tree is beyond saving? At All Pro Tree & Crane, we are fully capable of removing your tree during the winter months. In some cases, removing a sick or dying tree in winter may actually be ideal.

When is it Best to Remove a Tree in Winter?

Remove the Tree in Winter and Worry Less About the Spread of Tree Disease

If you have a diseased tree that needs removal, cold weather drives the spread of fungus, bacteria, and other illness into dormancy. Take advantage of this, and have a sick tree removed when it’s less likely the disease can spread to other nearby trees. In fact, elm and oak trees infected with blight are best removed in cold months to alleviate the risk of spreading sickness like: Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm Disease.

All Pro Tree & Crane is a local Western North Carolina Tree Company, located in Zirconia. We service Asheville, NC and all surrounding counties, including Upstate South Carolina. We are booking appointments now for winter tree services. Call today to schedule your future appointment and take advantage of these winter benefits.

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