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Why is it Best to Remove Your Dead or Dying Tree Before Winter Weather Hits?

Did you know Western North Carolina is considered the most diverse climate region in all of North Carolina? Asheville NC is the largest city in WNC, nestled in what is known as a “subtropical climate.” Asheville experiences more wind and air movement, making it even more important to stay proactive regarding caring for the trees on your property, especially if the tree has been determined to be diseased. In fact, wind and hail damage claims consisted of 34.3% of total home losses in the year of 2019, with total loss being irreparable damages. Proactive tree removal and proper tree management could prevent you from becoming another statistic in homeownership claims.

Is Tree Trimming Enough Before a Storm?

Oftentimes, it’s believed that trimming or pruning your tree(s) before a storm is sufficient in preventing extensive, irreparable damage. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Proper Tree trimming will most certainly help maintain the health of your tree, but without the help of a tree-health expert, there is a possibility that an ill-timed prune may internally damage your tree. For example: trimming a tree incorrectly could cause a disease known as heart rot. Heart Rot is a fungal disease that causes decay of the wood at the center of the trunk and branches. This disease is a common tree fungus throughout the world, primarily affecting hardwood trees. Western North Carolina forests are 90% hardwood—predominantly Oak and Hickory—leaving your local trees more susceptible to diseases such as this.

When is Tree Removal Best?

If you are considering tree removal, you may wonder when the best time is to safely complete this project. This answer varies, but our opinion at All Pro Tree & Crane is that we recommend tree removal in a proactive manner – especially before a large storm. If you have a tree that’s been deemed irreparable, it’s best to prevent damage than follow up after-the-fact. We would most likely advise removal in the event of the following:

  • A split tree trunk,
  • A tree that is leaning, diseased or in poor health (limb or trunk damage),
  • A tree with root damage or Root Rot (see more on root rot here)
  • Or a tree that has been twisted from a previous storm. 

Although these trees have a possibility of survival it is best to have a well experienced professional assess these issues for you to determine the tree’s best course for treatment and analyze the possible threat to your person or property.

 Trust a Tree Company that uses a Crane for Tree Removal Services

We believe that removing damaged, unrepairable trees should be removed with the assistance of a crane. You may ask, “why should I use a company with crane removal service?” While we know you have an unlimited variety of tree removal companies to choose from in Western North Carolina, we believe using a Certified Crane Operator for Tree Removal is the safest and most reliable choice. The use of a crane reduces the likelihood of property damage that may occur by traditionally felling a tree. Lifting the tree away in large pieces prevents a poorly executed tree landing. Tree removal with a crane makes it possible for our team to largely mitigate personal risk and completes the job in only a fraction of the time as traditional felling.

At All Pro Tree & Crane, we employ certified crane operators on staff at all time, specifically trained for these complex removals. Unlike traditional tree felling companies, that rent cranes and outsource operators only when it is deemed necessary for the job. We believe in being proactive to mitigate risk on your property; as it is always better to remove risk, than to try and correct it after an incident.

Do you need a tree risk assessment to analyze the hazards of your unhealthy tree? We can help. Contact All Pro Tree and Crane to schedule your consultation, today.

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