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The Best Way to Remove Your Tree Stump

Stump Grinding Services provided in WNC by All Pro Tree & Crane
All Pro Tree & Crane
All Pro Tree & Crane

Have you recently removed or employed someone to remove trees from your property? If so, you more than likely have an unsightly stump still lingering in your yard. It annoys you when you mow or weed eat around it, and it attracts a slew of unwanted pests onto your property (like termites, beetles, and carpenter ants). If left long enough, your stump could grow unwanted fungi with potentially harmful qualities for children and pets.

Now that you know the reasons it is best to remove a stump; do you know the best way to do it? We’ve been doing this a long time, and we’ve seen many folks try to remove stumps in precarious ways. Here’s a list of methods All Pro Tree & Crane has witnessed and will advise you to avoid:

Dig It Out

Do you have experience with an excavator or other earth-moving equipment? If so, digging out a stump could be an easy Saturday task, especially if you have access to such equipment. However, as most folks do not run heavy duty machinery on a regular basis, we would advise you against renting equipment to take on such a task. Rented equipment can be expensive to utilize and transport, as well as costly to repair or replace in the event you damage said loaned tools due to inexperience in operating them.

Do you think you’re ready to dig out the stump manually? This is certainly an inexpensive alternative to renting heavy duty machinery, especially if you already have the tools (a digging bar, box saw, ax and mattock). If this is your preferred method, keep your safety a priority and utilize steel toe boots. If the tree stump isn’t large, this can be quite manageable. However, if the stump is large, be prepared to spend up to 12 hours digging, sawing, and picking at the roots and soil. If time alone isn’t a deterrent from the digging method, think of all the back pain you could save yourself from by simply hiring All Pro.

Chemical Removal

Are you a chemist? Excellent! Chemical removal might be right for you. All you need to do is grab your potassium nitrate, drill, plastic tarp, and head into the yard. The first step is drilling holes into your stump using the drill. You’ll want these to be relatively large holes since you will then pour the potassium nitrate (or alternate stump removal granule) into the holes. Since you’ll want to keep children and pets away from this relatively dangerous chemical, cover the stump with a tarp, and allow the nitrate to work its magic.

After 4-6 weeks, you should be able to chip away at the remainder of the stump with an ax. Some folks even elect to use fire at this point, to burn the stump away. If that doesn’t sound dangerous enough, keep in mind potassium nitrate has been used in explosive devices before, so that could really be fun for you thrill seekers out there. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve stored such chemicals in a safe and well ventilated space to avoid any breathing issues or skin irritation: Potassium Nitrate (Department of Health) Article.

Burn It

If you have a green light to legally burn matters on your property, this may be an option for you. Is it the safest? Of course not. However, this is an extremely effective method to easily break down the stump. You’ll need to make the fire extremely hot and big, keeping the stump at the center of the fire. You’ll do this by building up wood around the stump, with additional wood or an alternate fuel source nearby to continuously feed the fire. After a few hours your stump will be rendered as ash, leaving you to dig out the remainder and replace with new, healthy soil and grass seed.

Lastly, in the event of a fire spread, will your homeowner’s insurance repair damage from a fire you initiated? Well, that depends on your policy; and, in the end, is your tree-stump-bonfire worth the risk?

How Will All Pro Tree & Crane Remove Your Stump?

Stump Grinding Services provided in WNC by All Pro Tree & Crane
Stump Grinding Services provided in WNC by All Pro Tree & Crane

While you sip lemonade on your back porch, enjoy the utilization of our professional stump grinding team. Our tree workers are specially trained in how to safely operate our commercial-grade stump grinder. The high-speed disk and sharp teeth of the machine quickly chip the stump into mulch, grinding it far below the surface of your yard. In as little as fifteen minutes, your stump could disappear forever.

Are your ready to book All Pro’s stump grinding service? We’re ready when you are. Contact us today.

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