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Tree Removal in Hendersonville, NC

All Pro Tree & Crane
All Pro Tree & Crane

Down trees and not sure what to do? Our team of experts have nearly 40 years of experience removing trees safely and efficiently in Hendersonville, NC. Get your free quote today!

All Pro Tree & Crane Will Provide You With a Written Estimate for Your Tree Removal

Have you ever heard anyone say “all a man has is his word?” Call it cliché, but it could not be more true… except when it’s not. Too many times in this industry, people are taken advantage of. Folks  take a man for his word, in regard to a business proposal;they make a verbal agreement, and believe someone will follow through on what they said. . Sometimes, the individual even  paid an individual  for the work they had not yet completed, with no written commitment, and off Mr. Rip-‘em-off goes with their hard earned money. Now the client is left in the same boat they were in before, but with less money. 

We want to see the good in everyone too, but these are facts of life, folks. Unfortunately, we——at All Pro Tree & Crane——come behind others to clean up the mess they left behind, and usually make it worse, more times than we like to admit. We are always thrown off by how people are shocked when we give them a written estimate for their tree removal. How can you do business without a written proposal? It covers US, and it protects OUR CLIENTS. Don’t  just take a man for his word, especially when it comes to your wallet and safe haven. 

Our written estimate gives peace of mind. It holds us accountable to our word, to ourselves! The proof in our pricing structure leaves no room for clients to be taken advantage of. You know what to expect of us, and you know what payment is expected- to the exact penny- for the tree removal service. 

Our Proven Tree Removal Process

When providing the quote, we will make note of any and all equipment needed for the job. This is imperative, as it influences the cost our clients will accrue. You are guaranteed a total amount, and that won’t change, as long as the work is completed within the designated time period (mentioned on your quote).. 

Surprises are for birthdays, not tree removals! 

We always have a gameplan in mind. Safety is our #1 priority, both for our valued clients and our cherished team. After all, lives are on the line. If we don’t  have a blueprint, then we are not fully prepared for the job (much less any curveballs that could be thrown our way). We have to be mindful, proactive, and thorough. That starts with our written agreement, and it lasts until we’ve completed the job.. 

We only use top-of-the-line equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. None of what we use is out of date——no obsolete parts——and we do not send our team out on anything that would put them in harm’s way. This line of work is already a dangerous field to be in! We make it safer by operating our own cranes, using our own crane operators (CCOs).  This sets us apart  from many tree removal companies. We employ professional and licensed crane operators, resulting in  no outsourced contracting or incurred costs (that clients would potentially have to eat on the back-end).  

After Your Tree Removal, What Happens Next?

Here is another humdinger. So the guy you hired came out. He cut down the trees. He hauled some of the larger pieces off. But you now have a yard full of stump and debris, and it was never even disclosed you would have a mess to clean up. You thought you hired someone to clean the mess up for you! To top it all off, he also stopped returning your calls. 

I wish I could tell you this scenario was made up. The bitter truth is that these things actually happen. In fact, it seems to be a growing issue  with contractors across the board, every. single. day. 

This is why you’re smarter the next time around. You hire All Pro Tree & Crane. We are licensed. We are insured. We are grown adults. We follow through. And we clean up the mess the other guys leave behind: we’ll grind the stump and remove all debris remaining from the tree removal process.

The All Pro Way: Clean-Up and Haul-Away Duty 

We were raised to put things back where they belong, and leave things better than when we found it. We apply this moral to every single job we do. It’s instilled in us. 

We use a professional-grade wood chipper for limbs, a grapple truck for large logs, and we do not cut corners to try and get jobs done quicker. We do the job right, the first go ‘round. 

If you need tree removal services in Hendersonville, North Carolina, contact us today.

We offer competitive rates and top-quality service.  Nearly half a century of experience, and we are still going strong! The All Pro way! Now, Let’s get to scheduling.

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